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Inspiratie door blikwisseling | Inspiration by change of perspective

film blikwisseling waves 2014 


 film blikwisseling waves 2014 click here


Prachtige film over het proces van Blikwisseling 2014, gemaakt door één van de deelnemers, Martijn Schinkel. Elke dag heeft hij de begeleiders van de masterclass, de onderzoekers Peter Torpey en Elly Jessop van het medialab van het MIT, gevraagd te vertellen wat hun ervaringen waren van de betreffende dag.  


Blikwisseling 2014 (1): Waves (April 28th - May 2nd)

Location Huygensgebouw, Heijendaalseweg 135, Nijmegen

Blikwisseling (change of perspective) is a series of  workshops that offer multidisciplinary one-week  learning experiences in collaboration with the scientists at the MIT Medialab,Cambridge, Mass.US.

Held twice a year, the workshops challenge participants (students or young high professionals) with a background in Science, Applied Science or Institutes of the Arts, to question their monodisciplinary perspective during an intensive training by 2(post)doctoral scientists form the MediaLab.

Blikwisseling offers different, new perspectives by incorporating skills and ideas and pushing boundaries by boosting confidence. In chosing multidisciplinary approaches -where no rules or methods are dictated- insight is developed and feelings of trust and utter freedom strenghtened: an excellent basis for future interdisciplinary ways of thinking.
Blikwisseling workshops favour freedom: for each one only the theme is given -  by the host. Paths and destinations are however unknown. In keeping with Blikwisseling's philosophy: they have to be.

Blikwisseling 2014 (1) workshop is hosted by Radboud University Nijmegen i.c. Prof Dr Theo Rasing (Experimental Physics) and Prof Dr Jan van Hest (Organic Chemistry).

Grants (a 1500 euros) for excellent students are available.

info and registration:
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Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken." target="_blank">Blikwisseling is an initiative of: 
Ella Hueting Creatieve Verbindingen
KvK  28428382


 See "Events" for the program of the Masterclass Waves