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Inspiratie door blikwisseling | Inspiration by change of perspective

Musical Brainwaves

Musical Brainwaves by Dr. Annemieke Vink

On a daily basis we listen to music. We have Spotify, Itunes and build up our favorite playlists. We listen to music of our own choice to find relaxation or to find activation. Also when we watch a movie we listen to music, when for instance violin playing is added to emotional scenes. Ever seen a movie without music? Music influences us as such in many ways. Joggers walk in the same pace as the music they listen to on their headphones. In supermarkets too we adjust to the music played for us. Did you ever notice that it always seems to be slow music? This helps us to walk in slower pace between all the products the supermarket wants to show us.

We are moved, both emotionally as physically, when we listen to music. But how does this work, why do we like to listen to music and why do we respond emotionally while we listen to music? In this lecture we will look at the effects of music upon us as a general listener to music and in particular, how does our brain responds to music. How is music processed in our brain and how are musical memories stored in our brain? Why does music have such a profound effect on us?  Making music and listening to music involves almost all cognitive functions of our brain. In this session various examples of musical brainwaves will be explored, both from recent music psychology and music therapy research studies.