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Inspiratie door blikwisseling | Inspiration by change of perspective

Everybody’s business is ...


“Everybody’s business is nobody’s business”

Tuesday, October 23

09.30h    Music as Material - masterclass. Eric Rosenbaum.

12.30h    *)Brainfood: Anneke A. de Boer, Artist

14.00h Music as Material - masterclass 

16.00h Music as Material- masterclass

17.00h *)Performance: Music as Material. Eric Rosenbaum and students

18.00- 18.30h   *)Kitchentable talks:
Theo Rasing: multidisciplinary science and small businesses: What’s in it for me?

20.00h   *)Keynote: Leah Buechley: Art, Craft and Technology

Leah Buechley’s goal is to engage broad and diverse audiences in designing and building their own technology. To achieve this aim
Buechley and her  students combine computation and electronics with new and unusual materials and, by extension, new cultures.  They focus on blending computation with traditional art and craft materials like textiles, paper, and wood.  They then share these developments with people through toolkits, tutorials, workshops, and curricula.
In this talk Leah Buechley will introduce tools that combine paper, clay, and wood with electronics and computation and describe how they are broadening and diversifying technology cultures.

21.30h   Meet&Greet Leah Buechley   

*) open to the public