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Inspiratie door blikwisseling | Inspiration by change of perspective

Two of a trade can never agree


“Two of a trade can never agree”  

Start Music as Material- masterclass
Eric Rosenbaum and Michael Smith-Welch 

Friday, October 19

What if you could see music? What if you could touch it, draw it, dance it, sculpt it, or build it? This workshop will explore new ways to use technology to tinker with music as a material. We will create dynamic music visualizations, paint musical compositions on screens and on paper, and construct digital and physical-digital musical instruments. We’ll find out what happens when you blur the boundaries between acoustic and electronic, between notation and instrument, and between improvisation and composition. The work will involve exploration and rapid prototyping with a variety of technological tools including tablet apps, graphical and text-based programming languages for generating and analyzing sound and image, and sensing systems for connecting the physical and digital worlds. The workshop will culminate in an informal exhibition and performance.

10.00h Welcome to participants by  Ella Hueting, Eric Rosenbaum en  Michael Smith-Welch 

12.30h   *)Brainfood:  Thomas Marzano (pending)
On-line Brand Design Philips

14.00h   Masterclass Music as Material

18.00h   Dinner

20.00h *)Keynote: Dingeman Kuilman, (Chair ArtEZ), Taking pictures in the Pantheon

What can we learn from photography when technology and creativity meet with the amateur? After more than a century of Kodak moments a new generation of amateurs, trained in sandbox games like Minecraft, will make their own blend of creation and selection. Their deskilled, technology based creativity might bring radical change to culture and commerce.

Watch the video report by Punkmedia

22.00h   Jam session

*) open to the public