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Inspiratie door blikwisseling | Inspiration by change of perspective

Curiosity killed the cat


“Curiosity killed the cat”

Monday, October 22

09.30h Music and Material - masterclass. Eric Rosenbaum en Michael Smith-Welch

12.30h   *)Brainfood:
Rob Zwijnenberg, The impact of art on science and technology in contemporary culture

14.00h  Music as Material- masterclass

17.30h – 18.30h *)Panel discussion: Combining art, science and technology: Waste of time or innovation? Dany Jacobs, Leah Buechley, Eric Rosenbaum, Peter-Paul Verbeek and Rob Zwijnenburg

19.00h  Dinner

20.00h – 21.30h   *)Keynote: Bert van der Horst. The biological clock

*) open to the public