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Annemieke Vink

annemiek vink

Dr. Annemieke Vink is a psychologist and received her PhD in 2013 in Medical Sciences at the University of Groningen on her study examining the effect of music therapy with demented elderly people.

Lees meer: Annemieke Vink

Elly Jessop

elly jessop 2

Elly Jessop is a Ph.D. candidate at the MIT Media Lab, where she is a member of the Opera of the Future research group.  

Lees meer: Elly Jessop

Peter Torpey

peter torpey

Peter Torpey explores the nexus of theater, music, interaction design, cognition, and storytelling.

Lees meer: Peter Torpey

Mikhail Katsnelson

Mikhail Katsnelson

Prof. Dr. Mikhail Katsnelson, head of the group of Theory of Condensed Matter, Radboud University of Nijmegen

Lees meer: Mikhail Katsnelson

Theo Rasing

theo rasing 72 px

Prof. Th.H.M. Rasing, Professor of Experimental Physics at Radboud University Nijmegen

Lees meer: Theo Rasing