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Inspiratie door blikwisseling | Inspiration by change of perspective

Rob Zwijnenberg


Robert Zwijnenberg is a professor of Art History in relation to the development of science and technology at Universiteit Leiden.

In his research his focus is on bioartists: artists that make use of the possibilities of the life sciences to work with living materials; much bio art literally comes out of the laboratory. Bioart challenges the ethical, esthetical, juridical, political and societal implications of the life science.

Dr Zwijnenberg  is also one of the founding directors of The Arts and Genomics Centre, based at the Faculty of Science, University of Leiden. The Centre is a platform for international artists, scientific researchers and professionals from business and government organisations in the aim to stimulate, initiate and supervise meetings, discussions, collaborations and exchanges. (

Trained in civil engineering and philosophy Dr Zwijnenberg received a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Amsterdam. He has published on Renaissance culture and art theory, philosophy of art, and on the relation between the arts and sciences.