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Annemieke Vink

annemiek vink

Dr. Annemieke Vink is a psychologist and received her PhD in 2013 in Medical Sciences at the University of Groningen on her study examining the effect of music therapy with demented elderly people.

She works as a lecturer in theory of music therapy  and research at the ArtEZ School of Music in Enschede, in both the bachelor of music therapy as masters programme of ArtEZ. She is also a core team member and lecturer on the Master of Arts Therapies Course (Zuyd University) and a researcher at KenVaK, the joint knowledge network of Zuyd University, the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts and Stenden University. Her main area of expertise is the effect of music therapy on people with dementia and music psychology. Next, she is a board member of Stichting Muziektherapie. Annemiek Vink has presented at various national and international congresses on music therapy and dementia. She was also the head organizer of the 7th European Music Therapy Congress in the Netherlands and has written various publications about music psychology, EBP and the effects of music therapy on people with dementia.