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Inspiratie door blikwisseling | Inspiration by change of perspective

Bert van der Horst

Bert vd Horst

Bert van der Horst is a professor chronobiologie en gezondheid aan de EMC Erasmus MC Rotterdam.

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Dingeman Kuilman

dingemankuilman 2

Dingeman Kuilman is chairman of the Board of Governors of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts (, one of the major arts educationale institutes in the Netherlands.

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Rob Zwijnenberg


Robert Zwijnenberg is a professor of Art History in relation to the development of science and technology at Universiteit Leiden.

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Leah Buechley

leah buechley

Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
AT&T Career Development Professor
Director, High-Low Tech Group
MIT Media Lab

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Eric Rosenbaum


Eric Rosenbaum is a doctoral student in the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT Media Lab. His current research explores the intersection of music, play and improvisation.

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Michael Smith-Welch

michael smith-welch

Michael Smith-Welch is an artist and educator. He has a background in Fine Arts, Science and Education.

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